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Madoka's Blog

February schedule💓

I come back👍👍

I went to trip with my friend.

What do you think where I went to???Please tell me when we meet💕I teach the correct answer!!

I still didn’t announce to you this month schedule so that the travel was too fun this time lol



I’m in THC😁😁

If you have a time, come to meeting me💕

An announcement!!!!

The New year starts!!!

How are you doing??✨

Did you go to the first shine visit of the New Year?? I went.

A lot of people are there and to stand in a line!!

I picked up a fortune and bought a charm for money 😘😘

If you don’t go to yet,you have to !!!

I have an announcement .

I’m not THC from January 23 while almost one month 😭😭😭

so come to meet💓💓

I’m waiting for you💓💓

Dear my lovers!!!

December comes…..💋💋

What are you doing today???

I need you to keep me warm because so cold.

Hag me💓💓💓

This month’s schedule are



I’m waiting for you 💓💓💓

Do you like??

Do you like a festival???

Today there are some festivals

called “TORINOICHI " in Tokyo.

this festival is for Prosperous business,

maybe I think


I went to there after four years with my friend last week.

I wanted to eat only「Chicken Stake」

It’s very tasty 💕💕

I ate three chickens 😂😂😂

Do you like chicken????😘😘

November schedules💕💕


I teach you this month’s schedules

because I want to do many erotic things with you(灬 ˘³˘灬)〜❤️

11/20 18:00~

11/21 18:00~

11/25 18:00~

11/27 18:00~

11/28 18:00~

I promise to you great time✌️💋

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