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Do the companions provide "full service" ( Sexual Intercourse )?
No. Please acknowledge that in Japan financial compensation for "Vaginal Penetration" has been outlawed since 1956. We would appreciate your co-operation by not asking our staff and companions for this particular service.
What's the difference between Silver, Gold and Diamond?
Our girls are ranked according to indicators we track monthly that we believe results in good service!
Simply put the higher the rank the better service you will receive. All our girls start off from Silver and make the journey to Diamond one client at a time.
Do I need a Japanese phone number to use your services?
No. But it would help us if you have one just in case we need to contact you. International numbers are acceptable as long as we can call you on the number provided.
Do you accept all foreigners?
Yes. We don't discriminate by race, ethnicity or country of origin. Gentlemen from all walks of life are welcome at "Tokyo Hentai Club".
*Japanese citizens not permitted*
Do I need to know Japanese to use your services?
Japanese is not required to use our services but knowing a bit of the language can help our companions who are still learning the English language.
How does the threesome option work?
Please check the pricing example below of a "Threesome" booking.
Incall Threesome Pricing E.G Companion A ( Gold ) Companion B ( Silver )
90 minutes ¥34,000 / $261 ¥32,000 / $246
Threesome Option ¥5,000 / $38 ¥5,000 / $38
Total Price ¥39,000 / $299 ¥37,000 / $284
Grand Total ¥76,000 / $583
*10% Surcharge for Credit Card

Restrictions for Threesome service
[x] 2 Male patrons with one companion.
[x] Requests for girl on girl play while the client watches.


How do I make a booking?
- Online Booking Form
- Telephone +81-3-6233-8163 7:00 - 04:00
- Live Chat Support
- Line, WeChat, WhatsApp or Telegram
Tokyo Hentai Club LINETokyo Hentai Club WeChat
I don't want to share any of my personal information can I still make a booking for delivery?
In order to confirm your booking, at minimum we'll need your full hotel booking name in order to confirm your stay at the designated hotel. Without being able to speak with you via the hotel intercom we can't complete your booking.
I would like to make a booking with xxx? How do I make an advanced booking for the next time she is working?
Please contact us directly to find out when a particular companion is working. We update our schedules every Sunday night for the week but can find out in certain cases when a particular companion will be with working if they aren't frequently scheduled.


What forms of payment do you accept?
- Japanese YEN / US Dollars ( Exchange Rates Updated Monthly )
- All Major Credit Cards including VISA and MasterCard ( 10% Surcharge )
Payments made by credit card will show on your statement as "0570-035556paycallmark".
*ID required for all credit card payments made in person for fraud prevention. *
Can I request for additional options after the service has started?
Additional services can be requested on the spot with the companion but please be advised that some options do require prior notification.
How do I extend the session?
Extensions are charged in 30minute increments, if you would like extend please let the companion know at anytime during your session.
Do you accept credit card payments online?
Yes, online credit card payments are accepted. Please notify staff at the time of your booking if you would like to pay using this method.

Cancellation Policy

May I cancel my booking on the companions arrival?
Yes, the cancellation fee is the full amount for the booking made. If the cancellation is made before there will be no charges applicable.


Where can I see more photos of the girls?
Check out their personal blogs linked on their profile page.
Which companions speak English?
Our companions are enrolled into conversational English school with their progress updated according to their speaking and writing ability as displayed on their profiles.
How often do the companions get tested for STI's?
Our companions are tested before enrollment and undergo regular testing per company policy.
Where can I see the uncensored photos of the girls?
In person at our incall office in Shinjuku. For privacy reasons we cannot publish their uncensored photos online.
I would like to leave feedback for a particular companion?
Your feedback is greatly appreciated and can be made through each companion's profile page.
Are all the companions working Japanese?
The majority of our companions are Japanese but we do have foreign and half Japanese girls working at our agency. Please check the profile page of each companion to confirm her ethnicity before making a booking.
What does the "Satisfaction Rate" mean?
These are key performance indicators are based off the companions previous months performance. We calculate the statistics by the number of repeat clients, extensions and direct nominations. Companion recommendations are made based on these particular stats for your satisfaction!


How do I get to your incall office?
Check our access page.
Can I make a booking for Incall?
Bookings for incall services are only taken with the payment for the session paid in full. Please note that advanced bookings are not required for incall services.
How does Incall work?
After booking and paying for your session in full, your desired companion will arrive at the incall office within 10minutes to take you to the love hotel area behind our incall office. After checking in to a hotel of your choice the service will commence upon entering the room for the designated time you have booked for.
If the companion is late for my booking will it come out of my service time?
No, the service time will only commence upon entering a love hotel so you will get the full 60 minutes you've paid for whether or not she came early or late.
I was approached by a female tout outside your incall office. Is this a staff member of "Tokyo Hentai Club"?
We do not employ any "Chinese" street touts outside our incall office. Please be cautious when you are approached and never follow their directions to our shop in any circumstances.


I value my privacy greatly, what sort of personal information do you need for an outcall booking?
The only personal information we require is your hotel booking name and a valid email address for us to send you the booking confirmation email. Your hotel booking name is required in order for our staff to confirm your stay at the hotel.
My hotel needs a card key to get to my floor, how will companion come up to my room?
In cases where a card key is required to operate the elevators our staff will call you on her arrival.
How long does it take for your companion to get to me?
Our companions will be dispatched from Shinjuku, depending on traffic conditions, road works and time of day at minimum you would be looking at a 20minute wait time.
Can I take the companions out for dinner/dating?
The services we provide do not include dinner/dating services.

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