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June (23) ID:1065

Shinjuku   Shibuya

Hello. Thanks for looking at my profile!
I also love the culture of Japanese games, anime, manga, movies, etc.
I hope you will have a wonderful encounter with me through THC.
I'm looking forward to seeing you!
with love


162cm / 5'4"ft




B:80cm W:52cm H:80cm

Body Type



Japanese Only





Pubic Hair


Last Checkup

Aug 31

Last Working Date : 9/15(Fri)

Sept.24(Sun) Sept.25(Mon) Sept.26(Tue) Sept.27(Wed) Sept.28(Thu)
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Additional Services

  • Handheld Remote Vibrator
  • Vibrator
  • Denma
  • Instant Blowjob
  • Cum In Mouth
  • Swallowing
  • Facial
  • Anal Fuck
  • Masturbation Appreciation
  • Stockings
  • Take Home Panty
  • Couple Threesome
  • Threesome
  • Rimjob

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I'll be waiting for you. Shall we make it a great time

09/13/2023 16:27


I'm waiting for you. I want to see you.♡

08/05/2023 23:22


Hey. Let's have a passionate evening together. I'm the one who will make you most excited, no doubt about it.

05/06/2023 21:55

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Hello!♡💕♡💛♡💚♡💙♡💜♡It's been a while since I last wrote a diary. Is everyone doing well?In this season when I feel the temperature as if my body temperature is embodied, I am desperately living in the season called summer.There are four seasons in Japan, but instead of spring, summer, autumn, and winter, I saw a SNS post that said, "Isn't it a mistake of summer, death summer, winter, death winter?" I laughed.🤣That's right. It's a season when you almost fall down if you are careless for a moment. Does everyone have enough measures against heatstroke? Please take care of yourself.💦Speaking of which, I haven't been able to come to work very often lately, but every time I come to THC, I'm very comforted by the kind gentleman who comes to me for me.However, if someone doesn't come to see me, this job won't work. Today, I haven't had a reservation yet, which is sad, so would anyone who is kind like to spend some healing time with me? I promise to bring you the most sensual and passionate time.♡💕♡💛♡💚♡💙♡💜♡Well, it's still hot, so please spend your time cooling your body and healing your mind. Play with me when you feel like it! By all means!♡💕♡💛♡💚♡💙♡💜♡Thank you for reading. See you again!🥰💕♡JUNE♡…

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