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MM Bld. 2F Room B,Dougenzaka 2-28-2, Shibuya-ku Tokyo, Japan.Google Map

Directions to Tokyo Hentai Club from Shibuya Station

Tokyo Railway Map
Shibuya Station Hachiko Entrace
MM bldg
Welcome To Tokyo
See the map for trains to Shibuya.
Take the Hachiko Exit of JR Shibuya Station.
Cross the famous scramble intersection and walk towards 109.
Go straight along Dougenzaka Street keeping Shibuya 109 on your right.
Walk passed UNIQLO and HOOTERS on your right.
You can easily find big ROBOT SHOW signboard.
We Hentai club is located on 2nd floor in the building called "MM building"
As you get to the 2nd floor, you will see this sign board.
Feel free to come in and check us out! Welcome to THC!

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