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Access Shibuya Click here for Shinjuku Access


Please be careful of street touts. We do not have any staff on the streets as it is banned by Japanese laws to pick up clients from the streets. Please come directly to the counter in the building for a safe and secure booking. For Shinjuku, Please use the elevators up to the 3rd floor and head to the last counter on your right labeled as BOOTH F. For Shibuya, Please us the stairs going down and head straight and turn left to counter E.


92 Tokyo Bld. B1 Room E,Dougenzaka 2-29-11, Shibuya-ku Tokyo, JapanGoogle Map

Directions to Tokyo Hentai Club from Shibuya Station

Shibuya Station Hachiko Entrace
MM bldg
Welcome To Tokyo
Tokyo Railway Map
① Exit Shibuya station "Hachiko ticket gate"
② Head to the big intersection "scramble crossing".
③ Cross the big intersection and head straight until you see "109"
④ After crossing toward "109", stick to the left side.
⑤ Go straight ahead.
⑥ Proceed straight ahead until you see "UNIQLO" on your right.
⑦ After passing "UNIQLO", you will find "MOS BURGER" on your right.please turn right
⑧ Go straight ahead
⑨ You will see "Uobei" (sushi restaurant) on your right, the shop is right behind it, white building small entrance
⑩ Please enter from the stairs going down to the basement. Turn left at the end and it will be the farthest "Room E"
See the map for trains to Shibuya.

Access Map

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