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Komachi's Blog



My picture is new❣️✨

I'd be happy if it's your favorite underwear☺️✨

I've taken a lot of other photos, so I'll introduce them to you a little bit💖✨

From now on, I will post other photos little by little on my blog, so please check them out once in a while💖

I'm waiting for your reservation today too♪


NEW Photo💖

Hello 😃

I had a new photo taken today☺️✨

My hair has grown longer than before and my hair color has become darker, so I updated the photo to let you know the real Komachi


I was excited to talk about the game with the cameraman✨

I like games very much, so 🥹✨💖

Persona, Megamitensei, FF, Dragon Quest, Etosetra…🎮

I remember that it was very difficult to get a PS5😅💦

I don't have any skills in FPS, so I just look at it 👀

This time, I took it not only in underwear but also in other costumes, so please check it out when the photos are updated!


I love it

Recently, I met a customer who was shaving his body hair ☺ ️ 🩷 When I asked him why, he said, "I found out on the Internet that Japanese women don't like men's body hair, so I shaved it." 🥲

That's not the case❣️I really like men's body hair❣️

My beard and chest hair are very masculine and sexy and I love them💕 So please come and see me as you are when you have a session with Komachi lol.That way, my excitement is much higher❤︎

I'll be waiting for your reservation for this week.




What options do gentlemen like?

I get very excited when I have a set of DNM and MA!

That's because I'm not good at toys😘✨

Yesterday, when I had a 150 minute session with a customer, I came here many times 😂😂😂

I like to use it the best during AF's doggy style❤︎❤︎❤︎

The customer also said, "Komachi is really active and enjoys these things!" 😂😂😂 It's a bit embarrassing 😂😂😂

If you want to see women coming many times, please add toys and MA✨High recommend!



Hello gentlemen.

It's been a while since I did FAC✨

The customers were very excited, so Komachi was happy too☺️✨

But I'm not good at it 💦

I'm learning how to accept it well from my friend Angie! Because Angie is the queen of FAC❤️

We're very close, so if you don't mind, let's shoot them in 3P!

Imagine it!The expression that the two of you are waiting for your shot ❤️ Which face do you want to shoot first?

I look forward to your invitation!



Hello 😃✨ My name is Komachi❤️

I'll make an appeal that I couldn't finish by introducing myself😉❣️

【Good job】→BJ(CIM options are recommended!If you add this, you can experience BJ without condoms), HJ, RJ, null massage, washing you with my body, massage.

[Favorites] Animation, games, history, horror, suspense

[English proficiency] I can speak a little bit!I'm studying now!

Especially, there are many repeat customers who like games, anime, and history❤️✨

Let's make wonderful and hot memories together.

See you later♡

null massage


Recently, more and more customers are looking for a null massage, thank you~☺️✨

Do you know Null Massage?

This is an escort service unique to Japan🥰❤️

That's very comfortable, and everything will be over just by sleeping (lol)

Since you came to Japan, shouldn't you experience services that can only be done in Japan?🥹✨

If you want a null massage, please use the in-call in Kabukicho.

I recommend that it takes more than 90 minutes to prepare and clean up.

I promise you a crazy experience, so why don't you try it?




This is the result of this month's venereal disease test😊✨

Everything was safe for me again this month.This is also because all the customers are gentlemanly and safe.All my customers treat me kindly, and I am very grateful for that❤️✨

I don't want to make you dangerous.That's why we do the monthly inspection and prevention thoroughly.Please ask me the details directly!

I look forward to your reservation at Komachi again this month🥹❤️