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Kaname's Blog

cosplay options

Hello ☺

I'm Kaname.

Here's information about cosplay options ☺

This is Kaname's original option. You can add the cosplay in the photo for 3,000 yen!

Japanese style, bunny girl, school uniform, sister.

We also have maid outfits.

If you would like to add this option, please tell the reception staff what cosplay you would like when you make a reservation ☺☺

We need to prepare the costume, so please make your reservation by the day before.

We also recommend ordering pants to take home or stockings!

We look forward to your reservations from gentlemen who like cosplay ✨

How about a new stimulation for repeat customers? ?


Thank you

Hello ☺️

I'm Kaname.

Thank you for all your reservations ✨✨

I'm very happy that some of you have been coming to see me since I started working at THC a year ago, and some of you I've met recently and say that you want to see me again ☺️

I'm blessed with kind and gentlemanly customers and I enjoy working here very much.

I think I can provide better service to you all because you all respect me.

Sometimes it's so bad that I want to quit my job. But your smiles and the words "it was fun" keep me going ☺️

I'll continue to do my best to provide you all with a time you can enjoy.

The other day, I treated a customer who made a reservation for a long course to cake and alcohol. It was very delicious! Thank you ✨✨

The customer said, "I want you to enjoy it too." I appreciate those words and consideration.

We also talked about the types of play we like and dislike. It's so much fun to talk about it when customers actively share their opinions!

It will be useful for the next time and beyond, and I'm looking forward to having more fun together!

 Thank you for a fun time ☺️ I'm looking forward to the next time! 

I have other options available to you besides the ones listed on the website. 

Please contact me in advance if you want to use lotion, oil, or cosplay, as preparations are required. 

Thank you for booking in advance today ✨

I look forward to seeing you! 



Hello ☺

I'm Kaname.

Thank you for all your nominations in June ✨✨

I was very happy that many people came to see me many times while I was in Japan 🙆 I've already received some reservations from repeat customers this month, so I'm really looking forward to seeing them!

Last month, I had more threesomes than usual.

The threesome with Haru in particular is very popular with many repeat customers! They're good friends, so you can be sure you'll have a good time together. I recommend it to those who want to be healed or have a fun time ☺

I've also had a reservation for a threesome with Len several times ☺ Len is a wonderful woman who is very hardworking ☺ I recommend it to those who want to be passionate in bed and calm when they're not ☺

Threesomes are a lot of fun because they allow you to play differently from usual.

I especially recommend it to those who want to be made to feel good by a girl 🙆

It may be a more stimulating experience, as if you were in an adult video. It's one of my favorite options.

Please come to Japan and try a special experience.

 I'm really looking forward to spending some fun time with you all in July as well ☺☺


Hello ☺

I'm Kaname.

Thank you for all your reservations every day ✨✨It's been hot in Tokyo lately, so please take care of your health.

This morning I felt like listening to musical songs.

I've had many opportunities to go see plays since I was a child, so I love musical songs.

My favorite musical is "Cats." It was made into a movie in 2019, so many people may know about it.

I still remember the musical "Cats" that I saw when I was very young so vividly that I can't forget it. I especially loved animals when I was little, and this play in which cats play an active role was my favorite.

If you ask me what my favorite play is, I would still answer "Cats." Just hearing the music makes me smile and excited.

It's a very popular play in Japan, and a large theater company called "Gekidan Shiki" performs it all over Japan.

It's not performing in Tokyo right now, so I can't go see it right away.

However, listening to the music this morning made me want to go to the theater. It's a little far away, but they're performing, so I'm not sure if I should go see it.

 I don't know yet when my next performance in Tokyo will be. But I'm really looking forward to it☺☺

Do you have any favorite music or shows? Please let me know.

Thank you for booking today✨

I'm looking forward to seeing you!


Thank you for a fun and delicious time

Hello ☺

I'm Kaname.

Yesterday, a kind customer invited me to a threesome with Len.

It was a long-time reservation, but it was so much fun that we didn't have enough time. Thank you to the customer and Len ✨

Yesterday was my second threesome with Len.

The last threesome was short, so I didn't get to know Len in detail. This time, we had a threesome together and I found a lot of good things about her.

First of all, she is very good at English. She talks smoothly with the customer. My English is not as good as Len's, so she helped me here and there.

And compared to the girls I've met so far, she was a girl who was more proactive in playing. Len is thinking about satisfying the customer.

She is very friendly and has a lovely smile. And she is moderately free and always seems to be having fun. The fun seemed to infect both me and the customer who was with her ☺

Time flew by, and it felt like it was over in an instant ✨

Len and Kaname's threesome has times of excitement and excitement, and times of silence and relaxation. I'm sure you'll have a more intense time than anyone else.

 My threesome with Len is still developing, and I feel like it will get better with each session☺☺

When you make a reservation, a short time will not be enough, so I recommend a longer time🙆🙆

If you want to try a threesome, please consider Len and Kaname☺☺☺

We will deliver the best time together✨

We look forward to your reservation today☺☺☺


It felt like we were on a trip together,

Hello ☺

I'm Kaname.

The other day, a wonderful customer invited Haru and Kaname ☺ and for three days in a row.

It was a long course every day, but we had so much fun that we forgot about time.

The three of us had a great time eating sweets and chatting, watching TV together, and taking a bath in the hot springs 😌

On the third day, we all played UNO. It was so exciting and fun ☺☺

I was so happy that Haru and Kaname liked the sweets they chose ☺☺☺☺

It felt like we were on a trip together, and I was really looking forward to going to see them on the second and third days, and Haru and Kaname had so much fun in the car 💦

We became so close that we were sad to see the customer go home 😌

Thank you for all the souvenirs ✨

Thank you for choosing Kaname and Haru. And I was so happy to be able to spend such a wonderful time together 🙋

Next time you come to Japan, let's go out somewhere together ☺☺

Haru and Kaname's threesome has many repeat customers.

 The two have very similar personalities and get along well, so you're sure to have a great time.

However, please be aware that Haru and Kaname may have more fun than you and get carried away 🙅

Try calling them to make your trip even more enjoyable.