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Kaname's Blog

Hina doll

Hello ☺️

 I'm Kaname.

 Thank you very much for today 🙌 I was very happy to see so many customers using the long course ✨✨

 Tomorrow, March 3rd, is a day to celebrate the growth of girls in Japan ☺️☺️ It is called "Hinamaturi."

 On this "Hinamaturi" day, we eat a slightly unusual sushi called chirashizushi and display dolls called "Ohinasama."

 This photo was displayed in the lobby of a hotel I visited the other day. It was so magnificent and cute that I took a photo ☺️☺️☺️

 This decoration represents an old Japanese wedding ceremony, and at the bottom are bridal utensils such as tableware and cosmetic cases.

 Tomorrow, you may be able to find things related to "Hinamaturi" in various places around town ✨️✨️ Please try to find Japanese culture that can only be found at this time of year ☺️☺️

 Thank you for your reservation tomorrow. I'm looking forward to seeing you!

 Reservations can be made tomorrow between 4:30pm and 7:00pm.

 My reservation slots for the 4th to 6th are already sold out 😭

 We still have reservations from the 7th, so I'm looking forward to it!


With the season of blooming flowers🌸

Hello ☺️

I'm Kaname.

I am very happy to have met so many people last month. Thanks to everyone choosing me, I was able to rank first in last month's sales ranking✨✨

I'm grateful. Thank you very much for the presents and souvenirs ☺️ I am very happy ✨ I will cherish these.

We have already received several reservations this month. I'm really looking forward to meeting you✨✨I will continue to do my best to bring you a better time every day☺️

Spring will soon be here in Japan. The beautiful scenery of spring brings warmth and joy to our hearts. Many people come to Japan because they want to see cherry blossoms.

If you come to see me while viewing the cherry blossoms, please tell me about the spring scenery you saw. I am looking forward to meeting you.

Kaname. 🌸

I love the view of cherry blossoms. If it comes true, I would be happy to see it with you all 😌

in front of the mirror✨

Hello ☺️

 I'm Kaname.

 This may be out of the blue, but is there anyone who likes playing in front of a mirror? ? ?

 There are many love hotels in Japan, and many of the rooms are equipped with mirrors to make play more enjoyable.

 Actually, I sometimes find it fun to play in front of the mirror.

 When you make eye contact with someone through the mirror, you feel like you're being watched more than usual. When I look at myself through the mirror, I feel so sexy that I almost become more passionate.

 The more we meet with our repeat customers, the more bold their activities become and it's so much fun✨✨

 We don't have many opportunities to cosplay, but we did go shopping together and have fun together. It was so much fun☺☺

 There are many interesting love hotels in Tokyo. A room with a kitchen, a room like a hospital.

 I would like to go to such a special hotel someday ☺ I'm sure it would be a lot of fun ✨✨

 Do you have a favorite situation? ?

 Please let me know if you like.


one year anniversary😌

Hello ☺

 I am Kaname.

 It's been a year since I joined THC the other day😊 It seems like a long time, but it feels like time has passed in the blink of an eye.

 I still remember going to work for the first time in February last year, full of tension and anxiety.

 I was so happy when my first customer came back the next day ✨✨

 I met a lot of people this past year 😌

 I'm happy every day because I had a wonderful time with everyone ✨✨

 There are times when I am worried and sad about continuing to work, but it is because of you who chose me and came to see me that I was able to continue working for a year.

 thanks so much.

 The other day, a girl I had a threesome with said to me, ``All of Kaname's customers are so nice and kind''😊I think so too. I was also very proud and happy to hear that my customers were wonderful people.

 I believe that people are like mirrors, and if you are kind to the person in front of you, the other person will naturally become kind to you as well.

 People often say that Kaname is kind and her girlfriend has a wonderful smile. However, that's because you are kind to me and show me your beautiful smile.

 Thank you 😌

 I plan to continue this work ☺ I'm really looking forward to those who have said they will come see me again and those who already have future plans with me 🙆🙆🙆


strawberry boy

Hello ☺

I'm Kaname. 

Yesterday, I had a threesome with Momiji-chan🙌 After reading my blog, she nominated us both! I'm so happy ✨

We became very close during our last threesome and I was really looking forward to seeing each other again 😌

Before going to the hotel room, he took we to a bar. The three of us had a lot of fun drinking delicious cocktails and talking a lot

☺☺ I'm glad they extended our stay 🙆🙆 We were able to share a time filled with smiles and have a very meaningful time ☺ ☺☺There was also a suggestion that the three of us go out for dinner next time, so I'm really looking forward to it✨✨✨

Thank you for the wonderful time! 

If you are considering a threesome, please call Momiji-chan along with you ☺ We are sure you will have a great time! However, it is sometimes difficult to match the reservation time, so we recommend you to make your reservation early 😌 I hope that someday we can have a good time together ☺


You can make a reservation until 20:30 today! Thank you for your advance reservation ✨ I'm looking forward to seeing you!

Half of lipstick is made of oil💄

Hello ☺️

I'm Kaname. 

I changed my hairstyle ✂️

Today was my day off, so I went to see a movie with my friends 🎦