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Angie (27) ID:1725


Nice to meet you, I'm Angie ♡ Thanks for checking my profile!
I'm half European and Japanese!
I don't speak English much but I love to have a good conversation!

I love Japanese comics (Manga) and video games but in bed, I'm good at taking the lead!
I don't put in a lot of work shifts but you can request for me if you want to meet me!
Feel free to contact our agency! I'm mostly available during night time!

I will be waiting for your LOVE CALL! Let's both have a good time together!


160cm / 5'3"ft




B:90cm W:59cm H:89cm

Body Type








Pubic Hair


Last Checkup

Aug 31


Half Japanese

Next Working Day : 9/27(Wed)

Sept.24(Sun) Sept.25(Mon) Sept.26(Tue) Sept.27(Wed) Sept.28(Thu)
- - - 20:00-2:00 -

Additional Services

  • Handheld Remote Vibrator
  • Denma
  • Instant Blowjob
  • Cum In Mouth
  • Facial
  • Masturbation Appreciation
  • Golden Shower
  • Stockings
  • Take Home Panty
  • Threesome
  • Rimjob

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To my regular turu turu penguin, Thank you for the review, which is fun to read! lol I'll try the game you recommended ♪ I didn't have enough time! Please be careful with your dollars and come see us again! lol I'll be waiting in Japan♪ p.s. I'm glad you liked the penguin!

09/14/2023 02:19


Mr. J, Thank you for the request booking and choosing me for your first Facial experience! I'm glad you enjoyed it. ♪ Please invite me when you come to Japan again, and if I'm not on schedule, I'll be waiting for your request✧

08/28/2023 01:54


Mr.M from threesome Thanks for the review! Me and Nagisa-chan wants you to know that you are always welcome! Let's enjoy 3p again! We got excited too♪ If my girlfriend and I aren't working on the day you want to hang out, feel free to request it! See you soon♪

08/18/2023 01:58


To my repeater Mr. M Thank you again for today! I already knew it but the maid outfit did not suit me after all, but as a battle maid it was perfect!lol It was fun to cosplay again after so long♪ I'm happy if you enjoyed it too!

07/24/2023 03:17


Hello darlings! I will be here until 2am.. looking forward to see you ?

07/21/2023 22:05


To my client, M I'm glad you came to see me again despite your busy schedule! Thank you for remembering to give me chocolates. You made me feel like a lover for getting me an Uber! I feel spoiled <3 Let's enjoy marvel movies again♪ May you sleep well...!

06/28/2023 03:44


To my regular Mr.M, I'm glad we could meet again so soon! Although I'm not around often... haha. Right now, I'm particularly busy with things like Zelda, so if you can't wait for my work schedule, feel free to inquire! Thank you always ♪

06/19/2023 04:27


my repeater Mr.M Nice to meet you again! Thank you for always giving me so many compliments ♡ I'm lonely, but if you go back to your home country, please come see me when you come to Japan! I'm not always there, so request early!lol See you soon♪

04/25/2023 13:44


Mr L. Thank you for today! I was very happy you added additional options and even gifted me with a dinner! Enjoy your hot springs♡

04/01/2023 01:37


To Mr M Thank you for the lovely chocolate! Let's continue the anime story next time! I'll be waiting for you again!

03/03/2023 05:04


Thank you for the cute present! I'm happy you read my blog from earlier♪

01/23/2023 00:16


To Your name with 64 characters Thank you for your kind review even though it's from last year♪ I'm glad you enjoyed! It would be great if we could meet again this year! I'll be waiting♪

01/20/2023 23:59

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The picture is from the customer's perspective during sumata lolTo my repeater Mr. RThank you for meeting me again so soon!I'm not sure if it got across, but I definitely remembered you! I was happy to learn we share the same hobbies ✨ I hope we can meet again before you leave!--------Mr.iheartangieThank you for the very thoughtful review! I'm glad you had fun! I'll always be here to welcome you with my full effort! 😄Looking forward to your next visit!…

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