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Kureha (20) ID:1207


Hi all the gentlemen
I’m finally back from long journey
I’ve learned so many things through this journey and happy to come back to such a wonderful club
I’m just into new chapter of life
Now I’m more focusing on invisible part of this world
Of course I’m glad to offer you my physical service but I want you to receive more things than it
Hope I can deliver deep healing experience to you guys
Thank you for reaching out to me
All my love and respect and gratitude for you


157cm / 5'2"ft




B:86cm W:59cm H:89cm

Body Type

Busty and Slender







Pubic Hair


Last Checkup

Apr 30



Last Working Date : 7/15(Mon)

July.20(Sat) July.21(Sun) July.22(Mon) July.23(Tue) July.24(Wed)
- - - - -

Additional Services

  • Handheld Remote Vibrator
  • Vibrator
  • Denma
  • Cum In Mouth
  • Facial
  • Masturbation Appreciation
  • Golden Shower
  • Stockings
  • Take Home Panty
  • Couple Threesome
  • Threesome

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Vacay in the nest of colibrís the other day

11/18/2023 16:16


Artistic mind

10/24/2023 13:27


So happy to meet gentlemen everyday✿

10/22/2023 14:45


Thx for beautiful gift❤︎︎happy☺︎︎

10/19/2023 14:24


I love flowers⁂

09/27/2023 16:29


Sexy lingerie gift thanku♥︎

09/26/2023 17:17


Bubbly tipsy sensuality✵Thank you

09/13/2023 18:17


✥new hotel in kabukicho✥ lovely evening view

08/10/2023 12:41


I’m back?in the middle of summer

08/01/2023 16:22


Love to see sunrise and sunset from high above ?

05/27/2023 13:13


Feeling lady thank u

05/25/2023 20:53

Latest Blog

Hello all the gentlemenHow do you enjoy spring days?Thank you for the lovely Hanami datings andlots of beautiful meetings for recent daysI was really happy to see beautiful cherry blossom this year🌸Last year I just came back to Japan from Mexico on seasoncouldn’t see them this muchI’m completely fulfilled for the seasonI love cherry blossom as how they attract pplIt seems like somehow a lesson for me tooWhen those petals blown by the spring breezeit just made me imagine how much effort they put for those one momentand that fragility made me movedNevertheless there happiness and joy filled in the airNow it’s complete 5yrs finishedsince I joined this clubMy 6th year will startI can’t thank you enough for all the lovely moments…🤍✨🙏🏻I still remember when I went to park hyatt 5yrs ago as an appointmentAll the precious memories come back in my mind and it makes me so sentimentalsince old time and still my favorite movie isbreakfast at TiffanyI wanted to live heroine’s lifestyleI made my dream come true by myselfOwn will always make your decisionand it’s so trueNow my last intention is spending the rest of time with ppl who are meant to beto finish up my life here as most beautiful and memorable wayto make the peaceful and loving souls connect and create only onesp.s.I don’t see ppl without respect herethere are many options for girls in this clubbut if you’re trying to approach me without love and respectyou might be choosing a wrong girlso please consider wellto save up precious time for both you and meIf somebody who wants to see me but not able for some reasonHere’s my recommendation for one bookThe prophet- Kahil Gibranfor coming months I have several plans to explore the world a little more before settling downso I’ll be available from 13th to 29th of Mayor after 21st of Juneplease contact club or me in advanceto make our meetings sureAlways wish you the best and happinessKureha🙏🏻…

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