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Mami's Blog

My last weekend

I went to Nikko last weekend with my dog❤️

Have you ever been there??

If you like Japanese traditional or nature, I'm sure you like it!!

I'll go to Nagoya next weekend and I'll go to Okinawa the end of this month!

Thanks to all of you who come to see me, I am enriched every day.

Thank you so much...💗


Thank you for this month❤️

Today is the last day of August!

 I can return to gold rank again next month.

Thanks to all the customers who came to see me( ; ; )

I'm very glad to meet new people and have people come to see me again.

I will continue to do my best so that you will want to see me again.

I am looking forward to meeting you❤️

Let's have a nice time together!



The hot days are still continuing, but I feel like it's getting a little cooler.

Summer in Japan is too hot!!

In Japan, there is a high school baseball tournament called "Koshien" in the summer.

I'm really looking forward to the finals of the tournament tomorrow.

Koshien is the only summer fun for me because I don't like hot😂lol

My schedule↓

23(wed) 2:00p.m.〜1:00a.m.

26(sat) 4:00p.m.〜1:00a.m.

27(sun) 4:00p.m.〜1:00a.m.

Please come to see me❤️


Which do you like?❤️

Hi guys, how are you??

Japan is very hot these days☀️💦

Please replenish water and salt and be careful of heat stroke!!

I bought new lingeries a lot!

Please come to see it❤️

I try to use thong!

Which do you like thong or full-back??

I'm happy to have customers asking for the MRF option recently.

I have a lot of fun while shooting.

Let's make an original naughty video together!!

I will do my best to withstand the heat, so please come see me❤️


come back♡

I've been on vacation for about a week, but I'm back from today!

I went to Karuizawa on the weekend and refreshed myself a lot.

From the end of the month, I will be taking a little break again, so please come see me♡


Let me introduce myself!

Hi, guys💓

Recently, there are many new customers, so I would like to introduce myself!

My name is Mami:) like "mom" lol

I took a break for about 2 years because of pandemic, but I entered THC 4 years ago!

I forgot a little English, but recently I've been studying and I can speak like before.

My charm points are "big buttocks" and "big eyes"!!

Do you like??❤️

In my free time, I often watch anime.

My favorite anime are Bleach, Psycho-Pass, and Love Live!

Do you know?

I've been watching Oshinoko lately!

Please tell me your favorite anime!

I'm going to take a family vacation for three days starting tomorrow, so I'll take a breake.

I'd be happy if you could come see me today.

I hope we have a wonderful time like a lover!

See you later💋


Thank you!

Thank you for coming to see me last month!!

I'm looking forward to see you and I hope you want to see me again♡