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165cm / 5.4ft
31 years old
B:84cm W:55cm H:82cm
Body Type
Fit & Slender
Pubic Hair
Last Checkup


Hello Gentlemen, I am a once in a lifetime experience.

I am not a typical Japanese girl, who is mixed with Japanese and Western cultural good side so I am Classy, Friendly, Laidback, Naughty, Sexy, Bad girl...
It’s from upbringing, experience and inborn traits.

I am all on my own so I really need your warmth.
The times that we spend a romantic and sensual night together are irreplaceable to me.
My happiness is just being with you as we can as possible like a couple in a long distance relationship.

I want you to make beautiful, unforgettable memories here with me.
And you’ll never forget me and my all...

Please touch my clear and so smooth-textures skin then turn me on.
And I want to feel you more.

I just wanna make you feel like you never did...

If you want somebody be by your side tonight, I’ll be...

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  • Handheld Remote Vibrator
  • Vibrator
  • Denma
  • Swallowing
  • Anal Fuck
  • Instant Blowjob
  • Masturbation Appreciation
  • Golden Shower
  • Cum In Mouth
  • Stockings
  • Take Home Panty
  • Couple Threesome
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  4. One of my hobbies is collecting Wine and Champagne. 🥂🍾🍷There is no space for keeping next bottle so...
  5. Do you all like hot girls with smooth and silky black long hair like...


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