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  • 5,000YEN Cheaper 5,000YEN Cheaper than Outcall
  • 60min course available 60minute course available
  • Unblurred pictures See uncensored pictures of our girls
  • Lovehotel Experience a "Japanese Love Hotel"
  • Rendezvous Rendezvous with your companion for an unforgettable GFE experience before heading to a love hotel in Shibuya!
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  • Delivery Convenient delivery to your Residence or Hotel
  • Delivery Delivery to all 23 wards of Tokyo
  • Clock Extended Business Hours ( 24:00 - 04:00 )
  • Book in Advance Book in Advance
  • Discreet 100% Discreet

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YUMI (21) Gold

STI Tested : January


85cm (Cup Size:C)
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Hello gentleman! I'm Yumi!
Thank you so much for your time in my profile.
Have you been to Tokyo? It's a big city and nice place!
Please teach me your countries. Then I'll teach you about Japan. In your room, of course I will give you my cute smiles and sweet experiences! FOR YOU! why don't you seeing Yumi?
Let's have an unforgettable memories together in Tokyo<3 xoxo


I have such a lovely time with Yumi , not only she is beautiful and cute , she is also professional and took care of a nervous me. It was raining on our way to the love hotel but on our way out the rain stopped and sky to clear up... keep me wondering maybe it has something to do with Yumi's magic ::))))

Well, the kitty's already out of the bag on this one, so no sense in keeping this to myself. As others have indicated, Yumi is a gorgeous sweetheart who really knows how to take care of a man. She really is something special, so treat her right.

I had the most wonderful time with Yumi. And I mean THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME. She's just the sweetest...

It was a highly pleasant. I will now have yumi in my thoughts for ever. She was caring and charming. I will cherish this my whole life. I will now start saving money to come back to Tokyo in the future. I hope yumi will still be working then.

Arigato. It was heaven on earth. Yumi was beautiful kind and a breath of fresh air on a warm spring day.

I could only imagine in my mind her sensuality which I will take home with me as a memory for life. I will never forget her.

Yumi was more than I expected

I had a great date with Yumichan early November. Made my trip to Tokyo a delight. Her sweetness and tender kisses had me in a trance and I loved every minute spent together. She clearly makes the experience a true GFE. I wish I had opted for a longer evening with Yumi. I hope you're dreams and endeavours come true. Domo arigatogozaimashita. Matane!

Yumi is awesome! Thanks to her personality and beauty, I had the best time of my life in Tokyo. It felt like we were best friends because of how we interacted with each other. Talking to her was really easy too, thanks to her advanced knowledge in English.

Thank you for the wonderful time, Yumi! You are definitely the best!

Yumi - smart, driven, polite, focused on what others want and need, beautiful, petite

I liked Yumi,extremely entertaining, whilst the eagerness to help and the ease through which to use the service made Tokyo Hentai Club a highly pleasurable experience throughout.


Time spent with Yumi is guaranteed to be exquisite; she is a very beautiful girl, both inside and out, which will leave you having as much fun talking with her as during the main event.

Her kisses are sublime, drawing you towards her lips in a trace-like manner, and the sensations only get better as she moves her attentions to other parts of your body. She is very gentle, yet eager, perfectly capable of putting any nerves to ease and an excellent choice to guide anyone through their first experience - whether in general or with this kind of service.

Her character is a bubbly one, which makes her a pleasure to speak with; speaking with her is definitely recommended, as failure to do so would deprive anyone from getting to know about this amazing personality and in doing so deny one a great opportunity.

Time with Yumi is time I won't soon forget, and in all honesty my experience with Yumi alone would have been worth the trip to Japan. Just remember to treat her kindly, she most definitely deserves it!

She really is #1 for me! Will def book her again when I visit Japan next year!

take care and wish you the best! you are so awesome hope to see u again

Yumi is amazing. She made me feel at ease with her girly charm. I had no difficulty communicating with her in English. Her service is professional and yet intimate. I had a lovely time together with her.

Yumi is a nice girl, she has great dreams. I hope she succeed one day and her dreams become true. Please take good care of her and always ask her to keep safe.

Splendid service. She is a really sweet girl with very good service.

Yumi is delightful and even more attractive than her pics.

She has a very firm body.

She is very, very friendly and leads her visit gently but efficiently.

I thought she was very cute and friendly. I was very nervous but she made me feel comfortable.
She was fun, professional, attractive, kind and spoke good English.

Yumi is amazing in many, many ways. She's beautiful, friendly, polite, professional and VERY talented. Plus, her level of English made communication very easy.

Please do not book anything for me yet, I need to see how things go tomorrow afternoon before I know if I will be back to my room before 8PM.

Thank you for providing such a professional service, it was exactly what I was looking for.

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